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18 December 2013

Croatia Cruise

Posted by: johnmcc

Beautiful lush islands, all with their own character, all waiting to be explored, sit effortlessly in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. With a backdrop of mountains, unspoilt beaches, beautiful coves, a balmy Mediterranean climate which allows locals to grow palms, figs, olives, oranges, lemons and vines along the coastal shores and with a sprinkling of charm at every turn, all make for a delightful and unforgettable experience.
Inhabited and uninhabited islands, some protected by UNESCO, have not altered for centuries. Delightful picture perfect fishing ports, giving an insight into times past, sit comfortably alongside Roman ruins and medieval architecture. Beautiful National Parks, each unique, brim with wildlife, flora and fauna, beckon those who seek peace and tranquillity the opportunity to enjoy and marvel at the breathtaking views.
Scattered along the coast are medieval cities and towns with Venetian architecture, beautiful churches, magnificent palaces and fascinating museums. One of the jewels along the Dalmatian Coast is Dubrovnik, a vibrant UNESCO World Heritage Site, protected from invaders by imposing city walls.

It is during the summer months that the streets, squares and plazas of these towns and cities come to life with festivals, dance, music and gastronomic food, a kaleidoscope of colour and rhythm with a vibrancy that assaults the senses.
The Dalmatian Coast is a truly unique destination and for more information about the cruise please click here.

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