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20 December 2013

Featured Hotel: Mena House, Cairo

Posted by: johnmcc

Originally a hunting lodge built in 1869 for King Isma ‘il Pasha, the fabulous historic building we see today, was known fondly as the ‘Mud Hut’.

The Mena House, full of character and charm, is one of Cairo’s most prestigious hotels with its own unique past, which stands today in the shadow of the Great Pyramids of Giza. Sold to an Englishman and his wife in 1883, the reconstruction of the hotel was completed with the renovated hotel opened to the public in 1886.

Named after the first king of the first dynasty, King Menes, the Mena House has played host to all walks of life from kings and emperors including Prince Albert of Queen Victoria fame, King George V and Queen Mary, Egypt’s own King Farouk who was a frequent visitor, to dignitaries and celebrities including Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie, Charlie Chaplin and Frank Sinatra to name but a few.

Luxurious and exquisite interior design, fine paneling, beautiful mosaics, bespoke furniture, beautifully carved doors, magnificent antiques and vivid blue tiles, all original and most standing the test of time are still in use today. 

Mena House Hotel, Cairo

With so much history on the doorstep of this luxurious hotel, with Cairo to explore, beautiful antiquities to see at every turn, the Mena House provides a welcome tranquil oasis away from the day to day hustle and bustle and vibrancy of Cairo, a place to relax, time given to reflect and a chance to experience a bygone era and the splendour of times past.

To truly embrace the history of the Mena House a stay is recommended to enjoy a unique dining experience or to wander through landscaped gardens with the Pyramids as a magnificent backdrop. For more details click here.

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