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19 March 2014

Sound and Light Shows

Posted by: johnmcc

The Pyramids Sound and Light Show  
Where else in the world on a warm evening under a beautiful clear star studded sky, can you sit and be beguiled by a magnificent statue, draped in light, narrating the history of the Giza Plateau? At certain times the ‘voice of the Sphinx’ resounds across the plateau bringing to life the history and fascinating theories which have been passed down through the centuries and which are now revealed to all who will listen. A fabulous laser light display projecting onto the Pyramids highlights details of these amazing structures. Wonderful historical scenes are projected directly onto the great Pyramid of Cheops, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. A show not to be missed!   

Philae Temple Sound and Light Show
Magnificent during the day and transformed by floodlight and wonderful sound effects into a beautiful, mystical island at night, this is Philae, were the Ancient Egyptians built a Temple to the Goddess Isis. Nature provides a carpet of stars as a backdrop to one of the most beautiful and romantic temples in Egypt; were visitors travel back in time and hear firsthand, the haunting tales of romance and the intrigue surrounding the Gods who occupied this spiritual site and the sad but uplifting story of unrequited love. As visitors approach the island by boat, just as the sun sets, the temple lights reflect in the surrounding waters inviting all to the island adding to this unique experience.

Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show
Walking through history, along an avenue of Sphinxes, softened by atmospheric lighting into the temple complex of Karnak is a unique experience. Focusing on the time when Luxor was known as Thebes, this fabulous necropolis which tells the life stories of the many pharaohs who contributed to the complex, is brought back to life by sensitive lighting and narration of its history, as visitors are guided through the temple, pass wondrous statues of the Gods and Pharaohs, pass a magnificent towering obelisk finally arriving at the Sacred Lake, beautifully highlighted and reflecting the temple in its deep, dark waters. It is here that a beautiful, dramatic story unfolds as a finale to this unforgettable experience.

The Sound and Lights shows can be booked when on a Nile Cruise or Cairo & Cruise holiday.


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