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2016 Nile Cruises

2016 Nile cruises now on sale!
Prices for our 5* Nile cruises in 2016/2017 are now available!  Explore the legendary sites of Egypt on a Nile cruise and experience many of its archaeological wonders along the…

Nile Cruise Holiday Diary

Day 3 of Chris' Cairo & Nile Cruise holiday.
Here is Day 3 of Chris' Cairo & Nile Cruise holiday diary. The alarm woke us up at 6.30am and after we were dressed and ready we made our way to ‘139’, which for some strange…

Nile Cruise Late Availability

Last minute deals in March
  There are currently some very good fares in March on the direct flight from London Gatwick to Luxor with Thomson on a Wednesday. Departures are on the 4th, 11th and 18th…

Walking the Nile on Channel 4

The first episode of Walking the Nile was aired on Sunday
Explorer Levison Wood undertook an incredible 9 month journey walking the length of the River Nile from its source to the Mediterranean Sea visiting rainforests, deserts, cities…

Renovated Tutankhamun Gallery Unveiled

Cairo Museum unveils renovated Tutankhamun gallery.
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has unveiled four newly renovated halls in the entrance of the East wing of the Tutankhamun gallery at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo as the facility…

Life on board a Nile Cruise in the 1960s

Very rare footage of life on board a Nile cruise
Here is some incredibly rare footage of life on board a Nile cruise dating from the early 1960s and was filmed just before the construction of the Aswan High Dam. It shows how…

Our Press Trip

We recently took some journalists to sample a Nile Cruise.
We recently took a wonderful bunch of journalists to sample a Nile Cruise on board the sumptuous MS Mayfair. We had bright blue skies and lovely sunny days; superb tomb visits in…

NEW Youtube Snippets

Here's some great new reviews from our lovely clients...
      We've just uploaded some feedback and reviews from our lovely clients who recently travelled on our Nile cruises. To see the snippets please click here. Enjoy!

HS Nile Vision is back!

We are delighted to announce that the HS Nile Vision is sailing again from November
We are delighted to announce that our 5* Nile cruiser, the HS Nile Vision, is sailing again from November 2014. The HS Nile Vision is a sophisticated, elegant Nile cruiser,…

Google Maps - Pyramids of Giza

Google have a new feature about the Pyramids in Google Maps
    We've seen that today Google have a new feature about the Pyramids at Giza in Google Maps. There is a great bird's eye view of the Pyramids and an interactive map.…

Egypt's Lost Queens

The lives of four of ancient Egypt’s most powerful women have been brought to life in a recent BBC programme.
The lives of four of ancient Egypt’s most powerful women have been brought to life by Professor Joann Fletcher in a recent BBC programme. The story unfolds as four of the fifteen…

Exploring Ancient Egypt

Orbital Travel releases TV programme and advert.
Well after a certain amount of time in the making, we are delighted to announce that our 20 minute TV programme ‘Exploring Ancient Egypt’ has been released. It will initially be…

Lynsey Ivison Trust Charity Golf Day

Orbital Travel donates Nile Cruise holiday prize for Lynsey Ivison Trust Golf Day
We have over the years supported their fund raising efforts with both contributions and raffle prizes, and we are doing so again this year. We would encourage everybody who is…

NEW 3 & 4 night Nile Cruises

See the highlights of Ancient Egypt on a short Nile Cruise.
Discover some of the most remarkable archaeological sites in the world on one of our new short Nile cruises whilst spending time relaxing on board the MS Orbital Royal Esadora,…

New Video snippets on YouTube

We've uploaded some fab video snippets to YouTube of what life is like on board one of our Nile Cruises.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance We've added some fab video snippets to YouTube about life on board one of our Nile Cruises, from the welcome…

NEW Boat! The MS Orbital Goddess

Another recent addition to our Nile Cruise fleet.
We have added the rather sumptuous and gorgeous Orbital Goddess to our Nile cruise fleet!  This boat was launched in 2011 and is very tastefully designed with a modern interior.…

Three Kings

Race is on to discover new tomb with supposed magnificent treasures.
British archaeologist John Romer believes he has discovered a new tomb to rival that of Tutankhamun. The Wadi el-Gharbi site, in the cliffs of the West Bank overlooking the Valley…

Easter Special Offer

Superb Easter Offer for the 5* Deluxe MS Terramar
We have a very limited special offer for Easter on the superb luxury 5* MS Terramar. The MS Terramar is one of the most luxurious and comfortable 5 star deluxe cruisers on the…

New Tomb Discovered on the West Bank

Eighteenth Dynasty tomb discovered in Luxor.
The tomb is the resting place of a high official called “Maai” from the 18th Dynasty, and was discovered by the Spanish-Italian mission working in Sheikh Abd Qurna on the West…

Our Man in Luxor!

The Governor of Luxor welcomes clients arriving on the first London to Luxor flight.
The Governor of Luxor, Mr Tarek Saad El din, was at Luxor airport on Monday this week to welcome passengers arriving from London on the first direct EgyptAir London to Luxor…

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