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In early September we took some of our lovely Agents on a Nile Cruise.
Orbital Travel recently invited its Travel Agents to experience a 4 night Nile Cruise on board its 5*Nile Cruiser, the MS Orbital Royal Esadora. John McCallum, Managing Director,…

Walking The Nile Update

Lev has made it to Egypt!
Explorer Levison Wood is atemtping to become the first person to succesfully walk the entire length of the river Nile, all 4250 miles, an epic journey that has never been…

The World's Oldest Love Song?

A 4,000 year old tomb at Abusir is said to contain the world’s oldest love song.
In a 4,300 year old tomb in an ancient necropolis southwest of Cairo, Abusir, a team of Czech archaeologists have uncovered what is thought to be the oldest documented song in the…

Agatha & Egypt

Agatha Christie’s long standing love affair with Egypt.
Agatha Christie set many of her novels in beautiful grand houses, quaint villages and the English countryside but many settings were also taken from the numerous archaeological…

Lost Cities

The mystery of Pi-Ramsses in the Nile Delta
Mystery and intrigue has shrouded the lost city of Pi-Ramesses, built over 3,000 years ago in the Nile Delta by the great Pharaoh Ramses ll, which simply disappeared. For…

Virtual unwrapping of a Mummy

Discover what lies beneath the wrappings of a mummy
People have always been fascinated by what lies beneath the wrappings of mummies and now new technology is being used to give an insight into the mystery and intrigue that…

Eight mummies, eight lives, eight stories

New exhibition at the British Museum – Ancient Lives, New Discoveries
From the 22nd May 2014, the British Museum are exhibiting ‘Ancient lives, New Discoveries’, a fascinating opportunity to see how 8 people lived their lives in Ancient Egypt and…

NEW BOAT! MS Royal Esadora

We are delighted to add the Esadora to our fleet of Nile Cruisers.
We've added the rather lovely and funky 5* MS Royal Esadora to our Nile cruise programme.   The Royal Esadora was launched in March 2006 and completely renovated in 2009. This…

3,600 Year Old Mummy Discovered

A rare and beautifully preserved coffin has been found in Thebes.
A 3,600 year old mummy in a wooden coffin has been found by Spanish archaeologists in the necropolis of Dra' Abu el-Naga' on the West Bank of the Nile at ancient Thebes, near…

Temple of Isis on Philae Island

Gorgeous Temple complex near Aswan.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance The original temple complex on Philae island was dedicated to the Goddess Isis, companion of Osiris. The island…

Kom Ombo & Crocodiles!

Fascinating temple and crocodile mummies.
In the Egyptian town of Kom Ombo, sits the wonderful Ptolemaic temple located close to the banks of the Nile. The temple is unusual in that it is a temple with a double dedication…

Nile Cruise & Stay Luxor

Enjoy 7 nights on a Nile Cruise followed by a stay in Luxor.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance A Nile Cruise will transport you back to an era when wealthy travellers, Egyptian Monarchy and famous dignitaries…

Nile Cruise & Stay

Cairo & Nile Cruise - The Classical Tour
Nowhere in the world will you experience a city like Cairo. This sprawling vibrant metropolis with its colourful bazaars, cupolas and minarets of the mosques dominating the…

Tombs of the Nobles

Stunning tombs located on the West Bank at Luxor
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance The Tombs of the Nobles are found throughout Egypt but no where are they better preserved than on the West Bank of…

Orbital Travel Blog

Here is Orbital Travel's blog with all our latest news and views.
Orbital Travel Blog Updates, opinion and interesting information from Orbital Travel...

Tutankhamun Mystery of the burnt Mummy

Channel 4 episide about King Tut's burnt Mummy
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance Channel 4 has recently shown a fascinating programme about the mysterious burning of the Boy King's Mummy and the…

Luxor travel ban lifted

FCO have lifted all travel restrictions to Luxor and Aswan
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance     We are delighted to announce that the FCO have now lifted all travel restrictions to Luxor and Aswan and…

Egypt Update

Updates in press conference given by Egypt's Minister of Tourism
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance We went to the annual World Travel Market (WTM) this week and attended the press conference given by Egypt's…

Nile Cruise Offers July 2013

September and October Nile Cruises on a Full Board basis from just £609 per person.
For the months of September and October Orbital Travel is offering a 7 day cruise on a Full Board basis from just £609 per person. Included in this wonderful price is a stay on…

July 2013 Nile Cruise Special Offers

This month Orbital have some great money saving offers for you.
For the months of July, August and September, we are offering the fabulous 7 night Nile Cruise from Luxor for the great price of £649 pp. The offer includes 12 excursions, direct…

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