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Anantara Dhigu 5 Star 5 Star

Discover a tropical paradise island at the Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa. The tropical lagoon setting creates a Maldivian paradise of breathtaking natural wonders for a truly relaxing getaway. The sanctuary is close to two other resorts which provide an array of dining options, and is home to some of the most spacious luxury villas in the Maldives.


The resort is located on the rim of the tranquil turquoise lagoon of the Dhigufinolhu Island in the South Male'Atoll. The transfer to the resort is just a 35 minute speedboat ride.

FPO_MAL_464.jpg FPO_MLG_197.jpg Hi_ADM_43417047_Sunrise___Sunset_Beach_Villa_bedroom.jpg 25557192-H1-BTMV_JettyToIsland_7549_MR.jpg Hi_ADM_47871265_Terrazzo_Restuarant.jpg Sunset_Pool_Villa.jpg Welcome_jetty.jpg Sunset_Pool_Villa_Bathroom.jpg 32578490-H1-BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_sunsetpierIMG03-MED.jpg Reception.jpg mainbarIMG03-MED.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_32578352_BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_IMG01_villa1IMG01-MED.jpg FPO_MAL_511.jpg FPO_MLG_300.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_42955838_BTMVMV_FH09_11__Deluxe_Beachfront_Villa_Interior_2.jpg Anantara_Spa_room.jpg 25557398-H1-BTMV_S_E_0510_Spa_Spa_Pavilion.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_32577933_BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_bedroom2IMG01-MED.jpg FPO_MLG_288.jpg Fuddan_Grill_at_night.jpg FPO_MAL_355.jpg Deluxe_Sunset_Beach_Front_Villa_Bathroom_by_night.jpg Aqua_Bar.jpg Water_sports.jpg Hi_ADM_47871232_Anantara_Dhigu_Resort___Spa.jpg FPO_MAL_509.jpg Hi_ADM_47871257_Waterfront_dining.jpg beachdiningIMG01-MED.jpg FPO_MAL_404.jpg Library.jpg 25557188-H1-BTMV_GuestRoom_DeluxeBeachFrontVilla_ExteriorViewFront_MR.jpg 25557302-H1-BTMV_Velaa_Velaa_1.jpg FPO_MLG_119.jpg FPO_MLG_195.jpg FPO_MAL_514.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_42955856_BTMVMV_FH09_11__Deluxe_Beachfront_Villa_Interior.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_32577915_BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_bedroom1IMG01-MED.jpg 25557434-H1-BTMVMV_0708_IG_Spa_Outdoor_Massage_F34.jpg Beach_Front_Villa.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_42956760_BTMVMV_FH09_11__Deluxe_Beachfront_Villa_Exterior.jpg 25557250-H1-BTMV_GuestRoom_DeluxeBeachfrontVilla_ExteriorView_Sala.jpg Hi_ADM_47871265_Terrazzo_Restuarant.jpg FPO_MLG_347.jpg FPO_MAL_464.jpg Welcome_jetty.jpg FPO_MLG_197.jpg Sunset_Pool_Villa_Bathroom.jpg Hi_ADM_43417047_Sunrise___Sunset_Beach_Villa_bedroom.jpg 25557192-H1-BTMV_JettyToIsland_7549_MR.jpg mainbarIMG03-MED.jpg Sunset_Pool_Villa.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_32578352_BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_IMG01_villa1IMG01-MED.jpg FPO_MAL_511.jpg FPO_MLG_300.jpg 32578490-H1-BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_sunsetpierIMG03-MED.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_42955838_BTMVMV_FH09_11__Deluxe_Beachfront_Villa_Interior_2.jpg Reception.jpg Anantara_Spa_room.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_32577933_BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_bedroom2IMG01-MED.jpg FPO_MLG_288.jpg Hi_ADM_47871232_Anantara_Dhigu_Resort___Spa.jpg FPO_MAL_509.jpg Fuddan_Grill_at_night.jpg 25557398-H1-BTMV_S_E_0510_Spa_Spa_Pavilion.jpg Deluxe_Sunset_Beach_Front_Villa_Bathroom_by_night.jpg Aqua_Bar.jpg Water_sports.jpg 25557188-H1-BTMV_GuestRoom_DeluxeBeachFrontVilla_ExteriorViewFront_MR.jpg 25557302-H1-BTMV_Velaa_Velaa_1.jpg FPO_MAL_355.jpg Hi_ADM_47871257_Waterfront_dining.jpg beachdiningIMG01-MED.jpg FPO_MAL_404.jpg Library.jpg FPO_MLG_119.jpg Hi_BTMVMV_32577751_BTMVMV_CWJL_0610_aerialIMG01-MED.jpg FPO_MLG_102.jpg

In our opinion: Anantara Dhigu Maldives is a heavenly sanctuary on a secluded paradise island with an abundance of luxury amenities.


  • 9 Restaurants
  • Luxury Spa
  • WiFi
  • Boutique
  • Library
  • Complimentary land and water sports
  • Deep sea fishing and hand line fishing
  • Island hopping
  • Excursions


Anantara Dhigu is available on a Bed and Breakfast, Half Board and Full Board basis. It offers many different restaurants that are scattered throughout the tranquil island retreat and sister resort, Anantara Veli.

Fushi Café: on the white sandy beach of Dhigu Island, Fushi Café restaurant serves a lavish full breakfast and evening buffet by the sea.

Fuddan Fusion Grill: sample the freshest seafood scooped straight from the ocean or feast on sizzling steaks at the lively Fuddan Fusion Grill.

Terrazzo: Anantara Dhigu brings Italy to the tropics at Terrazzo, an intimate ocean-view restaurant serving rustic Italian favourites like wood-fire pizzas, homemade pastas and delectable seafood.

Aqua: providing poolside refreshments and light snacks, Aqua is accessible both in and out of the water, where you can swim up to the bar and create your own cocktail.


The 110 beach villas and water villas are the ultimate in luxury and privacy, where you can choose from sunrise or sunset views and gentle breezes.

  • Sunrise/Sunset Beach Villa
  • Sunset and Anantara Pool Villa
  • Anantara Water Pool Villa
  • Family Villa
  • Sunset & Sunrise Over Water Suite
  • Anantara Over Water Pool Suite
  • Anantara Pool Villa

Each villa has:

  • Private terrace with sun loungers and dining area
  • Garden area
  • Flat-screen TV
  • CD/DVD player
  • MP3 player
  • Mini bar
  • Anantara Pool and Water Villas also have a private plunge pool.

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