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The fascinating country of Cuba is a step back in time. Magnificent architecture, cobbled streets, a kaleidoscope of colours assault the senses in the colonial cities whilst pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters offer unconditional tranquillity. Sweeping vistas of sugar cane, mountainous  landscapes, beautiful wild valleys, an abundance of flora and fauna all come together and form the vibrant, pulsating country of Cuba.

For an unforgettable experience the place to begin is in Cuba’s capital city Havana. A city that takes you back in time. This city never sleeps. A place where you are surrounded by old buildings, cafes offering food to please every palate and entertainment offered by street musicians and artists night and day.

Cuba’s culture is to be sampled on the Malecon promenade. Known as the ‘heart and soul’ of the city you will be enthralled by the majestic architecture and the vibrant beat of the city as you stroll along the five mile promenade to the old Havana Harbour. Many sights can be seen along this route with one of the highlights of the city being an open air car museum with fabulous American cars from the 1950’s still driving around in the city.
A visit to Cuba is not complete without watching the famous cigars being rolled by hand on the streets of Havana. This really is an art form to be admired, as those skilled enough to roll the cigars are highly respected.





A UNESCO World Heritage site Trinidad is steeped in history. With cobbled streets, colourful majestic buildings, merchants selling the basics of life from horse drawn carts and guitar playing musicians at every turn. This 19th Century Spanish colonial town is unchanged and is a step back in time.

Beautiful natural scenery, landscapes and pristine beaches beckon along the coastline of the largest island in the Caribbean. Not only on the shores but beneath the crystal clear turquoise waters, a fabulous world can be viewed. 

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