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Nile Cruise Optional Excursions

Optional Excursions

To complement our cruises, optional excursions are offered in conjunction with the twelve excursion package that is included in the Nile Cruise itinerary and are shown below:

Memphis & Pyramids
Depart after breakfast to Memphis the Old Kingdom capital of Egypt giving visitors an insight into times past, followed by a visit to Saqqara, a sprawling necropolis boasting the beautifully constructed Step Pyramid of King Djoser, the world’s oldest pyramid. Throughout this complex are beautiful ornate reliefs, wonderful columns, hidden stairwells and intricate courtyards to name just a few of the treasurers on display at this site. Lunch is followed by a visit to the great plain of Giza, where the Pyramids stand as monuments to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt with the Great Sphinx, carved from limestone with a lion’s body and the head of a god wearing the Egyptian royal crown keeping guard.

Egyptian Museum & Cairo
Depart after breakfast to the Egyptian Museum; galleries and rooms displaying relics and antiquities collected throughout the history of Egypt invite the visitor to admire and gain an insight into Egypt’s past. A highlight of this tour is the Tutankhamun gallery were the magnificent collection of treasures composed of gold, fabulous jewels and other precious metals can be viewed. Lunch is followed by a visit to the Citadel perched on a limestone plateau, which includes the Mohammed Ali Mosque and offers superb panoramic views of parts of the city. The tour finishes with a visit to the historic Khan el Khalil Bazaar, the pulse of this wonderful city.
* £75.00 per person for a full day tour including lunch. £65.00 per person for a 1/2 day tour.

*Prices correct at time of publishing and may change due to increases and currency fluctuations.

Sphinx, Cairo

Philae Temple
Temple of Isis Sound and Light Show**
This beautiful temple offers a visit after dark to experience and gain a completely different perspective to this temple. A narrative romantic insight into the temple’s past as the temple fills with beams that highlight different parts of the façade whilst explaining its fascinating history. Although part of our excursion package during the day, a night time visit is highly recommended to this bewitching island setting. 
£30* per person.

*Prices correct at time of publishing and may change due to increases and currency fluctuations.

Karnak Sound and Light Show**
Walk back in time to experience an unforgettable journey through a spectacular complex of sanctuaries, hypostyle halls, columns, pylons, statues and obelisks all made grander when highlighted by beams and dramatic lighting. Haunting music and narration follow you through the complex finishing at the sacred lake, where the ruins take on a romantic hue and the story unfolds of the temple and the history of Thebes, including the lives and celebrated achievements of the great Pharaohs. 
£26* per person.

*Prices correct at time of publishing and may change due to increases and currency fluctuations.

Philae Temple, Nile Cruise
Luxor, Nile Cruise

Luxor City Tour (By Horse & Carriage)**
A tour with a difference gives the opportunity to visit this ancient city, off the beaten track, away from the main tourist areas by traditional horse and carriage. This escorted tour allows visitors into parts of Luxor that are impossible to see and experience by coach. Accompanied by an English speaking fully qualified Egyptologist, this tour which lasts one and a half hours is a unique experience that highlights the day to day living, traditions and warmth of these exceptional people. 
£20* per person.

*Prices correct at time of publishing and may change due to increases and currency fluctuations.

Balloon Flight**
For a completely different perspective to Luxor, the Valley of Kings, the Valley of Queens and fabulous temples the opportunity is available to view the whole area by air. What a wonderful way to enjoy the rising of the sun as the flight takes off from the West Bank and travels full circle over the East Bank back to the West Bank. The flight times are approximately 35 minutes to one hour depending on atmospheric conditions on the day of the flight. 

*£120 per person

*Prices correct at time of publishing and may change due to increases and currency fluctuations.

**Orbital Travel act as agents for the activity operator/supplier. Please note that the contract for these excursions, tours and activities is between the client and the local suppliers who offer them. Local suppliers are independent of Orbital Travel Limited. Optional excursions are payable locally in cash (on board) at the time of booking. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your holiday insurance provides sufficient cover appropriate for the activities included in the holiday. Certain activities and optional excursions (such as Hot Air Ballooning) are allowed subject to an extra premium being paid.

Nile Cruise Optional Excursions

Abu Simbel** 
Carved out of a mountain four gigantic statues of Ramses II wait to impress. Built as a show of strength these statues gaze across Lake Nasser and guard the fabulous temple. Inside the temple eight columns, with eight statues, welcome and invite visitors to enter the Sanctuary which holds the secret of this impressive site.   
£85* per person by road - £235* per person by air.

*Prices correct at time of publishing and may change due to increases and currency fluctuations.

Nubian Village **
An opportunity waits to visit a typical Nubian village by motor launch in the South of Aswan. Traditional domed houses can be seen and a chance to be part of a way of life which has not altered for centuries. Inside the village you will be welcomed into one of the houses and you will also be invited to visit the village school. The trip is escorted by a local English speaking Ornithologist, who as well as accompanying you to the village, will identify local birds, fauna and flora as the boat passes through a nature reserve.     
£20* per person.

*Prices correct at time of publishing and may change due to increases and currency fluctuations.


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