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Nile River Cruises


Visit stunning and well-preserved temples, tombs and monuments on a Nile cruise.

A Nile cruise enables you to visit all the major historic sites and monument along the Nile in comfortable surroundings, visiting spectacular temples along the way. Highlights include Karnak Temple with its famous Hypostyle Hall, the Valley of the Kings where the boy King Tutankhamun was buried, Kom Ombo with its double Temple dedicated to Sobek and Haroeris and the Temple of Isis on the beautiful island of Philae. The lush green banks and the beautiful sunsets over the Nile, together with the excellent on board facilities make this an unforgettable way to travel. The Nile is the life blood of Egypt, at the heart of this ancient and modern land and should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

3 & 4 Night Nile Cruise

These short three and four night Nile cruises are a superb way to discover the main sites of Upper Egypt whilst spending time relaxing on board a 5* Nile cruiser.  They can be easily combined with a stay in Cairo and Luxor. All included excursions are guided by a qualified Egyptologist. Four night cruises depart from Luxor on Mondays and three night cruises from Aswan on Fridays throughout the year.

Classic 7 Night Cruise - Luxor/Aswan/Luxor

The most popular cruise is 7 nights on board one of our 5* Nile cruisers. You will explore the major sights, from Luxor and the magnificent city of Thebes and Valley of the Kings, to the temple of Kom Ombo, before reaching Aswan and its spectacular High Dam. Cruises depart from Luxor on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the year.

Long Nile Cruise  

This new long cruise offers a range of wonderful sights and sounds and operates from Cairo to Aswan (or vice versa). This cruise of discovery includes much less-visited sites such as Tel El Amarna, the remains of the desert city of Akhenaten, the tombs of Beni Hassan, Abydos Temple (one of the most complete temples of its era in Egypt) and Dendarah Temple (which has remarkable scenes and beautifully preserved colours). Durations are 9 nights Luxor to Cairo, 11 nights Cairo to Luxor, 12 nights Aswan to Cairo and 14 nights Cairo to Aswan. The cruise includes your guided excursions

View our TV advert video to find out how amazing our Nile cruises are and what to expect from going on a cruise with Orbital Travel.

Lake Nasser Cruises

Lake Nasser is the world’s largest artificial lake and is the site of many ancient tombs, temples and churches. Before the Aswan High Dam was constructed monuments were moved from their original sites and grouped together at four locations Kalabsha, Wadi-as-Subua, Amada and Abu Simbel. A cruise on Lake Nasser gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy serene desert vistas and to explore the ancient Nubian temples and monuments. 

Itineraries & Optional Excursions

For full details about the itineraries including visits and the day to day schedule please click here.  Information about the optional excursions can be found here.   

Cruise & Stay Holidays

You can easily combine a 7 night Classic Nile Cruise with a range of Cruise & Stay options including Cairo, Luxor  and one of the Red Sea Resorts.

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