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30 | 07 | 14

The World's Oldest Love Song?

Posted by: johnmcc

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In a 4,300 year old tomb in an ancient necropolis southwest of Cairo, Abusir, a team of Czech archaeologists have uncovered what is thought to be the oldest documented song in the world, which is a love song. The tomb of Inti, who is reported to have been a judge and a nobleman of standing, has walls decorated with images of singers and musicians playing the harp and the words of the song in hieroglyphs.

Attributed to Mentu, the wife of Inti, the song of love describes a woman’s beauty. The inscription fragment in the tomb translates and reads ‘I love and admire your beauty. I am under it.’

Music was an important part of daily life in Ancient Egypt. Songs were sung in the fields by labourers, with music playing a major part in worship, during festivals and at family gatherings.

Notes dated before 2,300 B.C, during the Roman occupation of Egypt, have been found in Abusir, giving artists instructions on how to play musical instruments.  

Tomb of Inti, Abusir, Cairo

Inti lived during the reign of Pepi, a Pharaoh in the Sixth Dynasty, near the end of the Old Kingdom. His tomb had been robbed in antiquity yet his limestone sarcophagus and his tomb walls, stayed intact and reveal his identity, the identity of his two sons and the love he felt for his wife.  

Royal tombs in the Valley of the Queens and Valley of the Kings can be visited on a Nile Cruise.

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