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03 | 12 | 13

Walking the Nile

Posted by: johnmcc

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He's off! Today Levison Wood takes his first steps on his 4,250 mile expedition and begins a unique journey: walking every step of the Nile from its source to its delta on the Mediterranean. His journey is being filmed for a four-part Channel 4 series to be broadcast in 2014. It’s not only one of the last, great 'firsts' in global exploration but will also show a continent undergoing extraordinary change, and reveals seven very different but equally fascinating countries.

The expedition will start in the highlands of Rwanda as the river follows a meandering course through the jungles of Tanzania and Uganda, skirting Lake Victoria before entering the wilds of South Sudan. After navigating the immense wetlands of the Sudd swamp, he will cross into North Sudan and then traverse the Sahara desert, around Lake Nasser and into Egypt for the final 1000 mile walk to the sea.

For more information about the walk and Channel4 programme please click here. You can also follow him on Twitter @WalkingTheNile 

Walking the Nile
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