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25 | 03 | 14

Virtual unwrapping of a Mummy

Posted by: johnmcc

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People have always been fascinated by what lies beneath the wrappings of mummies and now new technology is being used to give an insight into the mystery and intrigue that surrounds Egypt’s mummies. It is now possible to ‘virtually unwrap’ mummies without causing any damage or intrusion to the bodies or to the wrappings that protect the fragile remains. The technology has been developed by the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.

One of the mummies which has been digitally scanned is that of the Egyptian priest Neswaiu which will be included in a new permanent exhibition. Now visitors will be able to digitally unwrap the priest’s mummified body using a virtual autopsy table in an "embalmment room" beside his real mummified remains and coffins. Unseen treasures, including beautiful amulets, can be seen as layer after layer of wrappings are removed, finally revealing the skeleton of the mummy. This process has also allowed further examination of the mummification process never seen before.

More information about the exhibition here and more mummies and sites of Ancient Egypt can be seen on a Nile Cruise.

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