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22 | 01 | 14

Valley of the Queens, Luxor

Posted by: johnmcc

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The Valley of the Queens lies on the West bank of the River Nile, facing Thebes, or now better known as Luxor. Much like the well known Valley of the Kings, it is situated in a remote valley and its location chosen due to the close proximity to Thebes.

Not only are Pharaohs' wives buried at the Valley, many Prince and Princesses were also buried with the queens of the 18th, 19th and 20th dynasty. In ancient times, the valley was called ‘Ta-Set-Neferu’ translating to ‘Children of the Pharaoh.’ Many believe that one of the best tombs in Egypt is that of Nefertari, the favourite and beautiful wife of Ramses II, who died at the age of 47. Near to the end of his reign, he had bought her status to be of similar standard to his own. Her tomb is made up of several chambers, all decorated with brightly coloured wall coverings, portraying Nefertari as a beautiful creature amongst the gods.

Throughout the tomb she is often pictured in a white gown and golden crown, in some scenes she is seen giving milk to the goddess Hathor and in others, worshipping the mummy of Osiris. Although Nefertari’s tomb is the most popular tomb to visit, it is also worth viewing the tomb of Queen Titi, and of Infant Princes; Amunhirkhopshef, Kheamweset and Seth-hir-khopshef. All of whom were sons of Ramses III.

Valley of the Queens, Luxor

The tombs were built at the time of the New Kingdom (1570BC- 1070BC) and were served as burial grounds for over 100 tombs and funerary wells. Unlike those Kings before the 18th Dynasty, these Pharaohs were sceptical of tomb robbers and had chosen to be buried in rock-cut tombs. The Valleys were introduced during the time of Ramses I, previously to this, the Queens were often buried with their husbands. Many Queens still chose to do so throughout the growth of the tombs.

The Valley of the Queens is included as an excursion on a Nile Cruise.

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