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Valley of the Kings, Luxor

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The Valley of the Kings is on the West bank of the Nile facing Luxor, formerly known as Thebes. Between the beginning of the 18th dynasty and the 20th dynasty, burial tombs had changed dramatically, not only were their location moved, but the Pharaohs opted to change from the pyramid style and build something far more hidden and discreet. In doing so, they had hoped that this would deter tomb robbers and protect their treasures for the afterlife. They believed that in their afterlife, their eternal soul was waiting for them and they were mummified to preserve their bodies, and buried with their most valuable treasures, fine wines and foods so as to be able to feast in the afterlife.
During Egypt’s New Kingdom (1539BC - 1075BC) the Valley become a royal burial ground and Pharaohs such as Tutankhamun, Seti l and Ramses ll were buried here. Before 1922, many thought that the 62 tombs that had been found were all that rested at the ancient burial ground, until Howard Carter found the resting place of the boy King Tutankhamun. Following this astounding discovery, it wasn’t until 2005 that a new team of archaeologists found a new tomb. This tomb was found only 50 feet from the walls of Tutankhamun’s final resting place. Although the tomb had no mummy, it held pottery, linens, flowers and other materials. Many believe that this is just the beginning of an exciting journey to discover the tomb in which the mummy is rested.

It is known that there is at least one more tomb to find in the Valley, that of Ramses VIII. It is possible that any tombs that remain undiscovered even today may have also escaped the ancient Egyptian tomb robbers and only time will tell if any more fascinating discoveries will be made.
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