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27 | 05 | 14

Travel Nuggets

Posted by: johnmcc

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Here in the office we love travel and we love the destinations that we offer. And sometimes we like to swap and share our mishaps, stories, adventures, eye openers and all those little ‘nuggets’ that we’ve experienced on our travels.  It’s what makes travel the most awesome thing it is.

Here are a few of our ‘nuggets’;

“Nothing can really prepare you for seeing the Pyramids for the very first time. We drove along a road by the side of a small canal, I could see glimpses in the distant of their outlines against the darkening sky. Then we turned a corner, there they were lit from the base and standing proudly as a symbol of mankind’s past endeavours. I can still close my eyes and see it now.”

“I’ve been to Cairo nearly 60/70 times, and in all those visits I’ve never seen a car accident, but then again, I’ve never seen a car without a dent either.”

“Crossing the road in Cairo for the first time was an awesome experience, something not to try unless you have an Egyptian by your side telling you who’s giving way, or letting the other go, because there is no way to even guess.”

Travel Nuggets

So if you have any nuggets about Egypt & Nile Cruises, European river cruises, the Indian Ocean (Maldives, Mauritius, the Seychelles) and Cyprus, then please share!

Please post any nuggets on our facebook page and email us your YouTube videos.

Thanks and Happy Travels!

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