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Tombs of the Nobles

Posted by: johnmcc

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The Tombs of the Nobles are found throughout Egypt but no where are they better preserved than on the West Bank of the River Nile, located in the Theban Necropolis. In this region of approximately two square miles some of the most powerful nobles have their burial sites which have been built relatively close to surface level with the most important overlooking the temples of Luxor and Karnak on the East Bank. 

The supreme figurehead of Egypt was the Pharaoh of the day. He could not organise the running of his state on a daily basis alone, so a Pharaohs’ vizier was created, who along with the chief treasurer ensured that departments ran smoothly, that all taxation was paid and all matters of the state were dealt with or at least brought to the attention of the Pharaoh for his sanctioning.  All viziers were powerful and wealthy men and because of their loyalty to the Pharaohs were honoured at their death with a fabulous tomb on the West Bank. Other powerful men including army generals and overseers were also granted honours and ultimately tombs in this prestigious area.
Different carvings and scenes can be found in different noble’s tombs. Some display lush garden scenes with beautifully drawn birds and animals. Other tombs draw attention to religion, with funerary scenes and text. In some of these tombs the human figures are drawn childlike with too long legs, thin matchstick bodies and dressed as if a child had drawn the clothes.

Two of the best tombs to visit are those of Rekhmire and Ramose whose paintings of daily life are absolutely superb and the relief carvings second to none.  Visitors to these two tombs, can as they approach, marvel at the mud-brick houses decorated brightly with Hajj paintings and reliefs, which enhance and prepares you for the wonders that lie within.

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A trip to the tombs can be arranged as part of a Nile Cruise & Stay holiday; you can extend your stay in Luxor after your Nile Cruise and a private tour to the tombs can be organised. This can also be combined with a visit to the Valley of the Workers.

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