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Tomb of Shepseskaf Ankh found

Posted by: johnmcc

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A huge limestone tomb belonging to an important Egyptian physician, Shepseskaf-Ankh, has been discovered at Abusir Cemetery at Giza.  He was the Head of Physicians of Upper and Lower Egypt in the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom which dates to some 4,500 years ago. He served the royal household and is especially associated with a king named Niuserre, who ruled Egypt for at least a decade.

The walls were constructed from limestone and its large door is covered in hieroglyphs showing that Shepseskaf-Ankh was the 'Priest of Khnum,' or 'Priest of Magic'.

The door in the eastern part of the tomb also says that the medicine man was one of the most important royal physicians in Ancient Egypt at the time.

It is the third tomb of a physician discovered in the Cemetery, a large necropolis that stretches between Giza and Saqqara near where the Pyramids are also located. Other court officials and priests were also laid to rest there, close to the rulers they once served.

It served as a burial place for the Ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis.

Antiquities Minister Ibrahim Ali, said: 'This discovery is important because this is the tomb of one of the greatest doctors from the time of the pyramid builders; one of the doctors closely tied to the king.'

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