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31 | 03 | 14

Three Kings

Posted by: johnmcc

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British archaeologist John Romer believes he has discovered a new tomb to rival that of Tutankhamun. The Wadi el-Gharbi site, in the cliffs of the West Bank overlooking the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, is believed to be the burial ground of three priest kings, Heridor, Piankh and Menkeperre and is thought to contain astonishing relics including gold plated statues, thrones and beautiful funerary art.

Howard Carter of Tutankhamun fame had previously excavated the site and discovered huge mounds of limestone chippings on the wadi floor, identical to those found in the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. But Carter did not pursue the excavations, possibly because he had little idea of what may be buried at the site.

Working with a colleague Alex Peden, they have focused on deciphering inscriptions around the site and one of the names found was that of Herihor, one of the priest Kings. Romer believes that the tomb may be located above the valley floor in the limestone cliffs. He claims that Herihor is most likely to be buried in a coffin of gold, like Tutankhamun. There are likely to be canopic chests, objects of alabaster, gold-plated statues, and thrones, though possibly not chariots.

Waiting to secure a permit from Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities to continue his research, Romer fears that his endeavors may be in vain, as rival teams of archaeologists converge into the area as well as tomb raiders and treasure hunters.

Romer has been magnanimous about his find and is reported to be ‘happy to forgo the chance of discovering the tomb, so long as the excavation is done properly and keeps valuable inscriptions intact.’

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Source: Daily Mail. More here

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