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25 | 03 | 15

The Art of the Towel Sculpture

Posted by: orbital

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We've noticed that one of people's many favourite things on a Nile Cruise (apart from the weather, guides, temples etc) seems to be those fantastic towel sculptures that magically seem to appear in the cabin on a daily basis.

So where do these wonders come from? Well they seem to be have been a tradition on Nile Cruise boats since year dot. The cabin staff don't have any formal 'training' but creations are from their own imagination and quite often there is a bit of competition between staff on who can produce the most creative design. Over the years the staff build up a repertoire of designs and it is completely their choice as to which ones they decide to honour your cabin with that day. You sometimes may think that things have gone walkabout from your cabin (sunglasses, hats, sarongs, bottle tops) but lo and behold they are usually to be found on the extra inhabitant in your cabin. 

This lovely 'Nelly' is courtesy of Mrs Kitching who was on a cruise in February on the MS Orbital Royal Esadora

We will be adding photos of some of the best ones we have come across (some weird and wonderful examples too) on our facebook page over the next few days so please share yours!

Towel Sculptures Nile Cruise
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