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Our Travel App - Enchanted History

Posted by: orbital

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We are currently developing an Augmented Reality (AR) Travel App which has the potential to be used for all ancient archaeological sites around the world to enhance the visitor experience!

Augmented Reality is overlaying digital content into the real world through use of a smart device, be that a mobile phone, tablet or even desktop computer with a webcam. Within the world of travel it has the potential for three main uses:

  • Visual displays and audio guidance for guided tours 
  • Images of historical recreations integrated with the current environment
  • Displaying information about a tourist attraction

We are looking at developing the app initially for clients going on a Nile cruise; one of the main possibilities is to experience the recreation of the ancient Temples, Tombs and Monuments in a 3D appearance and in full colour. The app would allow users the ability to see virtual reconstructions of the sites whilst in situ as well as a more detailed view of the reliefs and hieroglyphics on walls and columns.  

This app also has the potential for multiple uses for all ancient sites around the world from reconstructing the Parthenon in Athens to Stonehenge in the UK. The app we are currently working on for Egypt will be available to download from the App store and we are looking to expand development into other global sites. 

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