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21 | 05 | 15

Our Competition Winners!

Posted by: orbital

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Last year we ran a competition to win a Venice & River Po cruise. Darren and Jenny have just returned from their cruise and this is what they had to say.

The cruise along the river Po was very relaxing. It was fantastic being moored just "7 bridges" away from St Mark's square. Distances in Venice are measured in bridges, so to be so close was wonderful and meant that you could easily walk along the quayside to one of the most famous squares in Europe in just under 10 minutes.

The excursions that the cruise offered covered many of the historic towns in the region and the guides were especially informative as they walked you round. We especially liked Verona with the fresco's on the building and who can resist Juliet's balcony, even if it was very cramped with so many others trying to find "good fortune in love" by touching her statue!

When we went to Bologna, Darren could not believe we walked past the house of the famous wireless inventor, Guglielmo Marconi. Having had an interest in the subject of radio's since he was a child, he had never heard this fact before, so a bit of trivia was picked up along the way.

Venice & River Po Cruise

The boat and staff were very hospitable and would help with any requests you may have had. The daily cocktail was a nice touch when you got back from any excursion and always managed to set you on the path for a nice relaxed evening. A good time was had by both of us and although having never been on a cruise of any sort before, has given us food for thought on how we would like to travel this way in the future.

Photos from the trip can be found on our facebook page. To request a quote for this cruise please click here.

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