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Nile Cruise & Stay

Posted by: johnmcc

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Nowhere in the world will you experience a city like Cairo. This sprawling vibrant metropolis with its colourful bazaars, cupolas and minarets of the mosques dominating the skyline, Citadel and fabulous antiquities, draws you into an old city which seems to be waiting for the new age to arrive.
Located in Lower Egypt where the Nile River converges into the Delta the city sprawls towards the Pyramids beckoning travellers and visitors alike, to stand, view and wonder at these engineering master pieces. Cairo is best explored on foot to discover its hidden treasures, with sellers displaying their wares on the pavements, tea houses, colourful food stalls and barrows and flower sellers selling aromatic jasmine blossom in garlands to all who will stop. This is Egypt today but there is also ancient Egypt beckoning at every turn to give you an insight into a bygone era. Cairo has many diverse faces; with different areas throughout the city which include the Islamic sector, the Coptic sites in Old Cairo, the Egyptian Museum located in central Cairo, Giza home to the Pyramids and Memphis the once ancient capital of Cairo. An ideal way to view these faces is with a qualified Egyptologist who will bring the artefacts and antiquities to life before your eyes.

You can combine a Nile cruise with a stay in Cairo; we recommend a minimum of 3 nights to be able to visit the main attractions and sites but we can also organise bespoke tours to the Opera House, music halls, art galleries and even the Camel Market!

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