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29 | 05 | 15

Nile Cruise Holiday Diary

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Here is Day 6 of Chris' Cairo & Nile Cruise Diary.

A lie in at last and breakfast was served at 8am, after which at 9am we had to attend a meeting in the lounge with Elia and the other guide George. They explained all about the rest of the cruise and asked us who wanted to pay for extra tours with them. There was no need to ask Roz and me, we intended to visit everywhere we could in the time we had. At 10am the boat set sail to the Kom Ombo Temple. Lunch was to be at 1pm so there was plenty of time to do nothing but watch the world go by on the banks of the River Nile from the sundeck.

Next on the agenda was another meeting at 2pm for us to pay for all our extra visits, which were to be excursions to Abu Simbel, the Philae Sound and Light Show, the Carriage Ride around Luxor and a bird watching river trip. I visited the Jewellers shop on the boat to order some jewellery to take home for Jackie, Jeanette, Kimberly and Kerry with their names inscribed on them in hieroglyphics. It was soon time once again for tea and a bite sized slice of cake on the sundeck. You have no idea how terrible it was to ‘rough it’ in luxury like this. 

The boat soon reached our destination and at 2.30pm we went to have a look around the nearby Kom Ombo Temple. It was just beside where the boat was ‘parked’ so we could walk to it in five minutes. The temple looked very different in daylight to when I last saw it all lit up in 2013 and for a change there were no ‘sellers’ to bother us. We all had a quiet walk around the ruins before we moved onto the Crocodile Museum.

Crocodile, Nile cruise

After a quick look at all the ‘soon to be handbags’ we returned to the Royal Esadora. At 4pm we set sail again to head for Aswan and we had to suffer another couple of hours on the sundeck before our dinner was ready at 7.30pm. Everybody then settled down for an evening of Egyptian music in the lounge.

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