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Nile Cruise Holiday Diary

Posted by: orbital

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Here is Day 5 of Chris' Cairo & Nile cruise holiday diary.

The wakeup call for our first morning aboard the Royal Esadora was at 5.30am. No getting up at 10am and loafing about on this cruise! Today was another highlight of the holiday, being a very special day for us both and for Roz in particular. No minibus for us this time, our luxury coach was waiting to leave the boat at 6.30am to head to the Valley of the Kings and King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber. On the way we could see the early morning Hot Air Balloon rides, which were just landing.

At the main gate to the Valley of the Kings Elia asked us all if anybody wanted to visit the tomb of King Tutankhamun and if they did there would be an extra fee to pay, which was the equivalent of £10 for an entry ticket. I had visited the tomb in 2013, but it was a first for Roz and I wanted to see it again anyway. After leaving the coach we travelled to the top of the valley in a ‘little train’ and walked the rest of the way to visit several tombs. Elia explained to us why there are only seven tombs open to the public at any one time (too many visitors) before we went into the tombs of Rameses x1, Rameses 111 and Rameses 1v.  We were then given a talk about the various Egyptian dynasties and each of the Pharaoh’s roles in them. Elia then showed us some postcards with pictures on them of what he had been talking about. Soon it was time for our visit to the tomb of King Tutankhamun. We made our way into the tomb and into the burial chamber where King Tutankhamun’s mummy is still lying with a ‘fence’ around it.

We made our way out into the desert sun and back onto the ‘little train’ to return us to our coach. Our return journey took us through a host of sellers where Roz and I bought a few souvenirs. Then it was back onto the coach and to the Valley of the Queens where we had a very long walk to the top of the valley to see Prince Amun-Her-Khopshef’s tomb. A couple of the tombs were open so we had a look in them. This is a strange place because there are pits all over the area where people have been digging for artefacts over the years.

Valley of the Kings, Luxor

Our next visit was to the Alabaster factory for a demonstration of how the Alabaster objects are made. Because Elia was with us we received a good discount from the souvenir shop and I bought an Alabaster cat and an Onyx bowl. The next place for a flying visit was to the Palace of Rameses and this was one destination I hadn’t been to before, so neither of us knew what to expect. It’s a huge place to have a good look around in the time we had before we were heading back to the boat for our lunch.

As is usual with Elia in charge we were late when we arrived back at the boat. This was because Elia is so knowledgeable and is trying to pass on all his knowledge to his guests, which takes time. After lunch we left the boat again at 3pm to be taken to Karnak to see the temple. The weather was a bit breezy but it didn’t stop both of us having a lovely walk around the temple. This place is so peaceful and beautiful. Returning to the boat at 5pm and no sooner had we stepped aboard the crew cast off and we set sail for Edfu. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing about on the sun-deck and only pausing for ‘afternoon tea’ then lazing about again. Dinner was served at 8pm and the rest of the evening was spent nattering to everybody in the lounge until it was time for bed.

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