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24 | 04 | 15

Nile Cruise Holiday Diary

Posted by: orbital

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Here is Day 3 of Chris' Cairo & Nile Cruise holiday diary.

The alarm woke us up at 6.30am and after we were dressed and ready we made our way to ‘139’, which for some strange reason was the name of the place where we sat to have our breakfast. When breakfast was over we made our way to the main reception area to wait for our guide Ayman and our minibus to arrive. Dessie and Antonia and four others joined us and at 8.30am we set off for a white knuckle ride to the first of our destinations, a visit to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities.

I’d visited this museum in 2013, but it was a first for Roz and she was now seeing for herself all the ancient artefacts which had fascinated her for years. It’s amazing how Ayman’s description of the museum exhibits was different to those of the guide who took me around the museum two years previous. I’m not saying he was better or worse, just that his explanation of an object’s history was different. It cost each of us a hundred Egyptian pounds (£10) extra to have a look around the mummy section of the museum, but it was well worth it. We had plenty of time to look around the rest of the museum including of course King Tutankhamun’s gold death mask and all the other ‘wonderful things’ which had been brought out of his tomb. Ayman was shouting ‘Yela Yela’ at us which means hurry up (there’s a surprise). In reply we were teaching him a few Yorkshire sayings like ‘Eh Up’ and others which I won’t mention here. Somehow his version of the Yorkshire accent was lost in the translation. Ayman took all our good natured mickey taking and gave us as much back as well.

When we came out of the Cairo Museum it was raining (again) and so we went and had some lunch before the minibus took us to the ultimate Cairo attractions the Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza. What can I say about this part of our journey, except it could only happen to us. By the time our driver had battled his way through the Cairo traffic and we arrived at the Pyramids the rain had nearly stopped. However because Giza is in the desert the fine sand had turned to mud and the place was filthy. I really felt for Roz because when I was at Giza two years previously it was a beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky. 

Sphinx, Cairo

The physical size of the Pyramids and just being there soon cheered Roz up and we both set off for a walk up to the Great Pyramid to take some photos. Roz and I had decided not to visit the ‘Solar Boat’ exhibition because we had seen one looking very similar in the Cairo Museum.

It was still raining on and off when we went for the short walk to have a look at the Sphinx and things looked a bit better for Roz when she came across a puppy she could share her lunch box with! At Giza I had bought myself a souvenir pot Egyptian cat and a scarf for each of us and Roz bought two camels before we left for our next destination the Papyrus Factory. As usual the people giving the demonstrations to us were extremely friendly and welcoming and I bought a souvenir zodiac Papyrus to bring home and Roz bought a more expensive large one. Once more onto the minibus and back to the hotel to start trying to squash everything into our cases, because the next morning we were flying to Luxor which was the starting point of our much looked forward to Nile Cruise.

After meeting up for a couple of drinks with Dezzie and Antonia, the couple from Ireland we had made friends with, we went to the reception desk to settle our bill for all the ‘extras’ we had consumed and were told there was nothing to pay! I thought it was a bit strange but who am I to argue so we went for a last walk around the hotel gardens before returning to our room to finish packing and then to bed.

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