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17 | 01 | 14

NEW! Venice & River Po Cruises

Posted by: johnmcc

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The longest river in Italy, the River Po begins life in the Alps in the Monte Viso group of mountains. After flowing for 405 miles in the east, the Po arrives at the Adriatic Sea. Along its way, the river passes through a number of Italian cities including Turin, Vercelli, Piacenza, and Cremona and via a network of channels, partially designed by Leonard Da Vinci, the Po reaches Milan. Ever changing landscapes and panoramic countryside, which with different sights and smells, assault the senses as the river passes through alpine regions and eventually forms a large delta, which is now an acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site, full of flora and fauna,  before arriving at the Adriatic Sea. Along the way the river passes medieval towns and villages, beautiful churches and fascinating architecture.  

The ultimate destination of the River Po is the sea which it reaches through the lagoon of Venice.  It is in the lagoon that 117 islands sit, forming the city of Venice. Venice is the largest city in Italy, floating in the waters on giant wooden stilts. For centuries this romantic city has defied nature, proving to be a popular destination for visitors, who stand and marvel at magnificent architecture, beautiful palaces and piazzas. What better way to navigate the canals that crisscross the city than on a  Venetian gondola, a traditional leisure boat; gliding off the beaten visitor track, with time to discover hidden gems, workshops that have been used for centuries, many to produce beautiful ornate carnival masks and to pass under intricately carved bridges that span the canals. 

Venice & River Po Cruises

Small chic boutiques and pretty quaint gift shops entice the ardent shopper with their exclusive wares. Cafes and restaurants offer dining experiences with a difference which will charm and delight. Priceless treasures, exquisite paintings, fascinating frescos, culture at every turn give all who visit this vibrant, yet romantic city, memories that will last until their return.   

For more information about the cruise please click here.

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