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07 | 03 | 14

New Tomb Discovered on the West Bank

Posted by: johnmcc

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The tomb is the resting place of a high official called “Maai” from the 18th Dynasty, and was discovered by the Spanish-Italian mission working in Sheikh Abd Qurna on the West Bank.

The team found a funerary cone made of pottery showing the titles of the deceased which include the Secret Keeper of the God, the Supervisor of the Cattle, Overseer of the Fields, Overseer of the King’s Horses, the Mayor, Distinguished of Osiris and the Prince.

The inscriptions and scenes found so far are important in terms of showing the details of his daily life and the relation with his family. Abd El Hakim Karar, director of Upper Egypt Antiquities commented "The scenes in the tomb include one of "Maai" and his wife called "Nefert" as well as scenes of banquets, hunting and making offerings”.

An exhibition about the daily lives of Ancient Egyptians will soon be on at the British Museum.  Luxor can be included as an extension to a Nile Cruise holiday.  

Source: Luxor Times

New 18th Dynasty Tomb Discovered
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