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11 | 03 | 14

Guadalquivir & Guadiana Cruises

Posted by: johnmcc

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The Guadalquivir meaning ‘Great River’ in Arabic, meanders through the Andalucia region of southern Spain and is responsible for many of the Spanish traditions we know and love today including flamenco, bullfighting and distinctive architectural styles. The Guadiana flows through south-central Spain and into the south eastern region of Portugal forming a natural boundary between both countries in the beautiful region of La Raya.

We offer 2 unique cruises along the Guadalquivir and Guadiana rivers departing from Seville and journeying through the very heart of Spanish and Portuguese traditions and culture.

The Two Rivers & Ocean Cruise travels from Seville on the Guadalquivir through the real Spain of Andalucia, along the Spanish coast and along the River Guadiana on the Spanish-Portuguese border.

The Andalucia cruise sails the Guadalquivir from Seville through Andalucia to the coast and returns to Seville and includes 8 guided excursions. Both 8 day cruises are on the 4* Belle de Cadix and offer excellent value for money as they are on an All Inclusive basis.  

For more info please click here.

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