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Fetivals & Fairs in Seville

Posted by: johnmcc

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Seville on the banks of the Guadalquivir River is all that a city should be, with a vibrant and traditional centre and the ability to combine the old with the new. This city, steeped in culture and folklore, has a fabulous panoramic cityscape with unique medieval terraces above winding quaint lanes and magnificent architecture. The city has two annual festivals the ‘Semana Santa’ during Holy Week followed by ‘Feria de Abril’ the April Fair which follows two weeks later.

During Semana Santa, people line the streets in their thousands to glimpse the processions of beautiful floats, some dating back to the seventieth century, all with a small piece of the Easter story to tell, being carried aloft by bearers and with hundreds of followers who have repented, close behind.

As the week progresses, the story of Easter advances with each day depicting a significant religious occasion, from Palm Sunday to Good Friday and it is on Easter Sunday that the city truly comes to life as celebrations continue far into the night.

Two weeks after the Semana Santa, the annual La Feria de Abril begins with festivals taking place all over the city. Tradition plays a large part in the festivals during the week long celebrations. During the day, processions of woman parade through the streets in fabulous, colourful flamenco gowns seated in beautiful ornate coaches drawn by magnificent Andalucian horses each driven by traditionally dressed horseman. The celebrations go onto into the evening with bullfights at the Plaza de Toros de Maestranza.  

Vibrant city of Seville

This romantic old city, on a beautiful ancient river, gives visitors the opportunity to become part of its culture and to experience the city at its most vibrant during festival week. Orbital Travel offers two river cruises on the Guadalquivir and the Guadiana which start and end in Seville and the cruises can be easily combined with a hotel stay in Seville should you wish to experience the festivals. 

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