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06 | 12 | 13

Featured hotel: Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor

Posted by: johnmcc

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Situated on the cornice, just south of Luxor Temple and a stroll from the vibrant centre of Luxor City is the Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor, formerly the Old Winter Palace, one of Egypt’s most famous historic hotels. Here, this grand old palace combines old fashioned elegance with all of today’s modern facilities. A sweeping stone staircase invites visitors into the hotel, through to an ornate foyer, with your eye being drawn to a magnificent staircase; this is the beginning of an experience never to be forgotten. Traditional colonial style seeps from every corner of this opulent hotel with flamboyance shown at every turn in the beautiful executed communal rooms and lounges.

Visitors of note have passed through the doors of the Winter Palace, which has featured in the exclusive ‘Palace Hotels of the World’ and stayed in unique, beautifully appointed suites and rooms overlooking either the Nile or the well groomed gardens. Included on this list is Agatha Christie who apparently wrote part of her famous novel ‘Death on the Nile’ whilst staying at the hotel, George Herbert the fifth Earl of Carnarvon who financed archaeology in Egypt which included the famous archaeologist Howard Carter, who discovered the fabulous tomb of Tutankhamun on the east bank of Luxor in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. Indeed, Howard Carter stayed many times at the Winter Palace even though he had his own property on the west bank. At the hotel, Carter is reported to have announced his discovery of the tomb to the world. Other famous dignitaries who have stayed at the Winter Palace include Sir Winston Churchill and Field Marshal Montgomery, heads of state from around the world and royalty. 

The facilities within the hotel are excellent with a comprehensive list of bars and restaurants to suit all taste.  Different locations, some with breathtaking panoramic views of the Nile all add to unique dining experiences. Each restaurant has a fine reputation with the 1886 restaurant, the most renowned, offering fine dining by candlelight in an intimate setting. 

This exclusive elegant and refined hotel is just minutes from the essences of Luxor and will forge memories that will last to your return.

Should you wish to extend your stay in Luxor on a Cruise & Stay holiday and stay at this wonderful hotel, please contact us 01763 274174, email us or fill in a Quote form. 

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