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06 | 01 | 14

Nile Cruise & Stay Luxor

Posted by: johnmcc

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A Nile Cruise will transport you back to an era when wealthy travellers, Egyptian Monarchy and famous dignitaries cruised the Nile in splendour. Fabulous sights along the banks of the Nile, ancient ruins harmonising with day to day living, give visitors the opportunity to experience tradition first hand and stand in awe and marvel at the archaeological wonders, accompanied by a knowledgeable Egyptologist who brings the sites to life.
On your return to Luxor we recommend extending your stay in this ancient city to relax and explore some more. Lying in the sun relaxing in beautiful surroundings or the opportunity to re-visit the Valley of the Kings and Queens on the West bank awaits the more adventurous. Here, beautiful tombs of the Pharaohs’ and their wives, bedecked with fabulous, beautifully coloured reliefs which have stood the test of time, can be explored at your leisure.
A visit to the Valley of the Workers, in the necropolis of Deir el-Medina will give an insight into the working life and living conditions of the artisans. Here, in this completely walled village with the remains of modest houses standing in winding streets, a community existed, with craftsmen creating fabulous tombs not only for the Pharaohs but also for themselves and their families.     

Luxor, Egypt

Whilst in Luxor City, a visit to the Luxor Museum is a must. Facing the Nile in a prime location, this modern museum has one of the best displays of antiquities in Egypt. Beautiful sculptures, free standing granite statues which immortalise kings, queens and officials, artefacts from the tomb of Tutankhamen including the beautifully crafted head of a cow goddess and a magnificent upper body statue of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten, all displayed and beautifully highlighted in low lit cool rooms.   

For more details about a Nile Cruise & Luxor holiday please click here.

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