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03 | 09 | 14

Celebrations for Nefertari's Tomb

Posted by: johnmcc

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A ceremony is to be held in commemoration of the discovery of the fabulous tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of Queens, Luxor; one hundred and ten years ago. The celebrations begin on the 15th October 2014 and finish on the 25th October 2014 in the Valley of the Queens. Two exhibitions will be held at the Luxor Museum and Egyptian Museum in Cairo during this period.   

The beautiful tomb of Queen Nefertari was discovered in the Valley of the Queen’s, called by the ancients ‘The place of beauty’, by Ernesto Schiaparelli, Director of the Turin Museum in 1904. Called the Sistine Chapel of Ancient Egypt, the exquisite wall decorations and open design of the tomb highlight Nefertari’s place in Egyptian history. Known as the Great Wife of Ramses ll his favourite wife, the famous Queen Neferatari Mery-en-Mut, whose name means ‘most beautiful, beloved of the goddess Mut’ was honoured by her husband which is evident in the construction of her beautiful tomb. The exquisite wall decorations depict Nefertari’s journey after death to the afterlife guided by deities and epitaphs which describe her beauty and her charming disposition. Scenes show the queen wearing long, transparent white garments and a crown of two long feathers standing erect in a vulture-like headdress of gold. Beautiful jewellery adorn the queen with gold bracelets, a beautiful wide collar and other fabulous jewels.

Nefertari's Tomb, Valley of the Queens

The tomb was closed to the public in 1950 as the paintings and reliefs were deteriorating. In 1986, the Egyptian government began the task of saving the tomb from the ravages of time using the latest technology available and traditional natural methods. The works were completed in April 1992 using scientific methods and limited public access was granted. Nowadays however, the tomb remains closed due to salt and humidity levels from visitors which were inadvertently damaging the interiors.

We think this would be a prime candidate for the next replica tomb! King Tutankhamun’s replica tomb was recently opened to the public. The Valley of the Queens can be visited on a Nile Cruise holiday.

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