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30 | 03 | 15

Cairo & Nile Cruise Holiday Diary

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Christine Kitching recently took a Cairo & Nile Cruise holiday with us and we were so surprised and pleased when she and her husband contacted us about the diary that Chris has written about her trip. 

Keith explained: "I am Chris's husband Keith, the one responsible for 'expanding' the diary which Chris kept during her recent holiday to Egypt. We did the same after she visited Egypt with Orbital in 2013, but didn't think anybody would be interested in reading it. I tried to make Chris's diary entries into a short story of a holiday never to be forgotten and I hope it has worked for Chris. Chris has said that you can do whatever you want with it, because she felt as though your company especially Greg went the extra mile to make her holiday perfect (and she is right). With events happening all the time in the middle east I was worried about her and my cousin Roz, but not as worried as I was two years ago when Chris was on her own in Egypt. Just like then I needn't to have worried because your staff were always on hand if anything went wrong".

Here is the first part of Chris' diary and we will be adding entries to our blog on a regular basis so that you can read her whole story.

My Second ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’

or Egypt here I come ‘Again’

A Holiday Diary


Christine Kitching

February 11th to February 24th 2015

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by the Pharaohs Tombs, Pyramids and all the other ancient relics of Egypt. My husband Keith and I have not been able to travel far away from home for our holidays because of having more important things to spend our income on (two daughters) or ill health.

Egypt Holiday Diary

Because of all this and not getting any younger I had all but given up on fulfilling my lifelong ambition to visit Egypt. That was until 2012 when I had a ‘cash windfall’ from my bank, which enabled me make plans to travel to Egypt in February 2013 for my first visit. 

My experiences during that ‘Holiday of a Lifetime’ can be read about in my first Egypt Holiday Diary. In 2013 I was travelling on my own, however this year I was not going to be on my own because my husband’s cousin Roz who lives in Whitby was to be my traveling companion. It was during the winter of 2013/2014 when I decided that I would like to return to Egypt and when I asked Roz if she wanted to come with me there was no hesitation, she immediately said yes.

Our 2015 holiday was booked with the help of my new friend Greg Garner at Orbital Travel, the same travel agent I had used for my first holiday to Egypt. Roz and I decided to have a couple of nights in London before flying to Egypt and another night at the same Travelodge on the return journey. Both of us had saved up for a year to pay for this holiday and we were both very excited and couldn’t wait to go. After waiting twelve endless months, all of a sudden it was time to pack our bags and be ready to leave.

Click here to read Day 1  of Chris' diary.

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