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09 | 01 | 14

Ancient Egyptian Brewer's tomb found

Posted by: johnmcc

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A fabulous new tomb has been found in the Al Khokha area on the West Bank of Luxor. A Japanese team of archaeologists from the Waseda University discovered the tomb by chance when doing routine maintenance work on another tomb belonging to one of the senior officials in the reign of the New Kingdom, Pharaoh Amenhotep lll. The tomb belonging to Khonso-Im-Heb the ‘chief beer maker for the gods of the dead’ is reported to date back to the Ramesside period.   
The tomb is T-shaped in design with two halls leading to a burial chamber and is connected to an unfinished unidentified tomb. The wall designs of the tomb are breathtaking, depicting daily life and times of Khonso-Im-Heb and his family, his wife Mut-em-Hp and his daughter Is-AT-Kha. Included are religious Egyptian ceremonies, with one depicting the family standing together at the Pharaonic religious ceremony of ‘the opening of the mouth’. On another wall, the beer maker is shown with his wife in adoration of the gods Anubis and Osiris. The ceiling has wonderful paintings, with vivid colours, as fresh as they day they were applied, with a centre piece solar boat highlighting the artisan’s wonderful skills.  

Ancient Brwer's Tomb in Luxor

Antiquities Minister, Mohamed Ibraham has also confirmed that security around the tomb has been tightened until the necessary excavation works are finished. Restoration work will follow once the excavation has been completed and eventually the tomb will be open to visitors. 

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