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10 | 10 | 14

BBC Sacred Rivers - the Nile

BBC 2 has a great new three-part series called Sacred Rivers.

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01 | 10 | 14

Google Maps - Pyramids of Giza

Google have a new feature about the Pyramids in Google Maps

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26 | 09 | 14

Egypt's Lost Queens

The lives of four of ancient Egypt’s most powerful women have been brought to life in a recent BBC programme.

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18 | 09 | 14

Island Hopping - Dalmatian Coast

Testing a new cruise around the beautiful Dalmatian coast.

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11 | 09 | 14

Travel Agent Educational

In early September we took some of our lovely Agents on a Nile Cruise.

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03 | 09 | 14

Celebrations for Nefertari's Tomb

Ceremony to be held in Luxor on 15th October.

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14 | 08 | 14

2015 European River and Costal Cruises

Our 2015 river and coatsal cruises are now available to book.

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07 | 08 | 14

Walking The Nile Update

Lev has made it to Egypt!

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30 | 07 | 14

The World's Oldest Love Song?

A 4,000 year old tomb at Abusir is said to contain the world’s oldest love song.

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25 | 07 | 14

Summer Festivals in Paris

Glorious Summer Festivals in the ‘City of Light’

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