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5600 Year Old Tomb Discovered

Archaeologists discover a tomb complete with mummy that pre-dates the First Dynasty of Pharoahs
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance Archaeologists in southern Egypt have unearthed a mummy that predates the unification of Egypt (when the divided…

Three Kings

Race is on to discover new tomb with supposed magnificent treasures.
British archaeologist John Romer believes he has discovered a new tomb to rival that of Tutankhamun. The Wadi el-Gharbi site, in the cliffs of the West Bank overlooking the Valley…

New Tomb Discovered on the West Bank

Eighteenth Dynasty tomb discovered in Luxor.
The tomb is the resting place of a high official called “Maai” from the 18th Dynasty, and was discovered by the Spanish-Italian mission working in Sheikh Abd Qurna on the West…

Ancient Egyptian Brewer's tomb found

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a brewer in Luxor.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance A fabulous new tomb has been found in the Al Khokha area on the West Bank of Luxor. A Japanese team of…

Tomb of Shepseskaf Ankh found

The tomb of Ancient Egyptian Physician has been discovered
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance A huge limestone tomb belonging to an important Egyptian physician, Shepseskaf-Ankh, has been discovered at Abusir…

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