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Agatha & Egypt

Agatha Christie’s long standing love affair with Egypt.
Agatha Christie set many of her novels in beautiful grand houses, quaint villages and the English countryside but many settings were also taken from the numerous archaeological…

NEW 3 & 4 night Nile Cruises

See the highlights of Ancient Egypt on a short Nile Cruise.
Discover some of the most remarkable archaeological sites in the world on one of our new short Nile cruises whilst spending time relaxing on board the MS Orbital Royal Esadora,…

5600 Year Old Tomb Discovered

Archaeologists discover a tomb complete with mummy that pre-dates the First Dynasty of Pharoahs
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance Archaeologists in southern Egypt have unearthed a mummy that predates the unification of Egypt (when the divided…

King Tut and the BBC's Treasure Hunters

BBC’s latest programme looks at King Tut's remarkable treasures
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance This 2-part series from the Beeb has been looking at the ultimate global treasure hunt, from pirates' hoards and…

Three Kings

Race is on to discover new tomb with supposed magnificent treasures.
British archaeologist John Romer believes he has discovered a new tomb to rival that of Tutankhamun. The Wadi el-Gharbi site, in the cliffs of the West Bank overlooking the Valley…

New Tomb Discovered on the West Bank

Eighteenth Dynasty tomb discovered in Luxor.
The tomb is the resting place of a high official called “Maai” from the 18th Dynasty, and was discovered by the Spanish-Italian mission working in Sheikh Abd Qurna on the West…

Eight mummies, eight lives, eight stories

New exhibition at the British Museum – Ancient Lives, New Discoveries
From the 22nd May 2014, the British Museum are exhibiting ‘Ancient lives, New Discoveries’, a fascinating opportunity to see how 8 people lived their lives in Ancient Egypt and…

3,600 Year Old Mummy Discovered

A rare and beautifully preserved coffin has been found in Thebes.
A 3,600 year old mummy in a wooden coffin has been found by Spanish archaeologists in the necropolis of Dra' Abu el-Naga' on the West Bank of the Nile at ancient Thebes, near…

Colossi of Memnon, Luxor

It's all a bit Greek!
During the 18th Dynasty, Amenhotep III built a mortuary temple in Thebes, guarded by two enormous statues at the external gates. Now, the 23 metre high, 1000 ton statues are all…

Valley of the Kings, Luxor

A bit more about about the tombs in the King's Valley
The Valley of the Kings is on the West bank of the Nile facing Luxor, formerly known as Thebes. Between the beginning of the 18th dynasty and the 20th dynasty, burial tombs had…

Direct flight Manchester to Luxor

Thomson Airways are re-instating direct flights from November
We are very happy to see that Thomson Airways have re-instated a weekly direct flight from Manchester to Luxor. These will now resume on Wednesday 5th November 2014 and are…

Nile Cruises: Temple of Hatshepsut

Hatshepsut was the first known woman to be classed as Pharaoh.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance Hatshepsut was a monumental woman in history. She reigned as the fifth Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, regarded by…

Featured Hotel: Maritim Jolie Ville, Luxor

Focus on this rather lush and serene hotel in Luxor.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance Although the hotel is on its own island and sounds a million miles away from reality, the hotel is only separated…

Valley of the Queens, Luxor

Some interesting stuff about the place where wives of Pharaohs were buried in ancient times.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance The Valley of the Queens lies on the West bank of the River Nile, facing Thebes, or now better known as Luxor. Much…

Sonesta St George Hotel Luxor

Focus on the very popular Sonesta St George hotel in Luxor
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance Tranquillity and an idyllic setting in understated immaculate surroundings explain why the Sonesta St George is…

Ancient Egyptian Brewer's tomb found

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a brewer in Luxor.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance A fabulous new tomb has been found in the Al Khokha area on the West Bank of Luxor. A Japanese team of…

Nile Cruise & Stay Luxor

Enjoy 7 nights on a Nile Cruise followed by a stay in Luxor.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance A Nile Cruise will transport you back to an era when wealthy travellers, Egyptian Monarchy and famous dignitaries…

Tombs of the Nobles

Stunning tombs located on the West Bank at Luxor
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance The Tombs of the Nobles are found throughout Egypt but no where are they better preserved than on the West Bank of…

Featured hotel: Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor

The Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor, formerly the Old Winter Palace, is one of Egypt’s most famous historic hotels.
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance The facilities within the hotel are excellent with a comprehensive list of bars and restaurants to suit all…

Valley of the Workers - Luxor

Amazing personal tombs
Travel Extras Airport Parking Travel Insurance Located on the west bank of the Nile, the necropolis of Deir el-Medina is an ancient Egyptian complete walled…

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